Non Return valve

Non Return valve
Product Description

Non Return valve

Our non return valve permits a medium to circulate in a single direction. This valve is effectively furnished with caliber components to make sure that the medium circulates via a pipe or tube fitting in the precise direction, where pressure settings can induce reversed circulation. The circulation via our non return valve induces a comparatively huge pressure drop that has to be considered when outlining the entire structure. This valve can be obtained by the customers in distinctive sorts such as clapper sort, swing sort and spring loaded sort. It can be employed with blending loops in cooling and heating frameworks to guarantee accurate operation.

  • Spring Loaded 
  • Connection: Threaded
  • Material: SS,Brass 
  • Sheet: Metal to metal
  • Temperature: High

Product Details:

Valve Size



Fuel, Water, Air, Gas




Stainless Steel

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